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Our products & services range from manufacturing and repairing of both Distribution & Power transformers. Along with transformers, we also run a petrochemical refinery which produces industrial and domestic oils.

Up to 2.5MVa 33KV Voltage Class

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are used in distribution network to step-down high transmission voltages. They are installed near point of consumption like commercial, residential and industrial projects. They are primarily built in two voltage classes, either 11KV or 33KV with the output voltage at 433V and power ratings till 2.5MVa.

We have a planned capacity to manufacture Distribution transformers up to 2.5MVa, 33KV Voltage class.


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Up to 10MVa 66KV Voltage Class

Power Transformers

Power transformers are utilized in transmission network, primarily at power generation stations and intermediate sub-stations to either step-up or step down the voltage. They are built for high voltage transmissions, and are usually rated at 33KV, 66KV, 200KV, 400KV with power ratings of above 2.5MVa.

We have a planned capacity to manufacture Power transformers up to 10MVa, 66KV Voltage class.


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Repairing & Reconditioning

Transformers stop functioning completely or run inefficiently, due to the damage caused by fluctuations in supply side voltage or a sudden increase in the load from its rated power capacity from the consumer side. In such a scenario, the transformers are taken off the network and repaired to bring back to its original state of efficiency.

All our units have a designated repairing team and equipment line to handle transformer repairing jobs so that we can serve our customers at the earliest.


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Recycle and Reuse

Oil Refining & Reselling

Spread over 70,000 sq. ft area of land in Mandideep Industrial Area, Madhya Pradesh, our Petrochemical Refinery plant has an installed oil refining capacity of 400KL per month.

The refinery uses waste and burnt oil from various disposing entities to produce reusable transformer oil, agarbatti oil, lubricant oil, and likes.


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